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Total Lives Insured:


Total Death Benefit: $1,463,755,030

More than $100 Million + of Cash Value in Force

So, Why Overfunded Whole Life Insurance?

We emphasize the value of overfunding when setting up your policy. In typical financial planning, whole life insurance is designed to get the most death benefit for the cheapest cost. In overfunded whole life insurance, the focus is on maximizing the living benefits while minimizing the death benefit. It’s a strategic approach for those who want to optimize and use their life insurance while alive, not just as an asset that kicks in on their death.

When whole life insurance is set up and used properly, it becomes an incredible foundational asset that builds a strong base for your finances. It grows your money over time, provides many protection elements including the death benefit, AND allows you to access your money to use however you want. See below for a comparison between The And Asset vs. a typical whole life insurance policy.

The And Asset VS Typical Whole Life Insurance

With The And Asset

  • High Early Cash Value

  • Liquid (Early)

  • Private (Flexible Premium Payments)

  • Tax Advantages (Able To Use While Alive)

  • Growing Death Benefit

  • Safe (Competitive Returns)

Typical Whole Life Insurance

  • High Fees

  • Lacks Early Liquidity

  • Low Long-Term Growth

  • Mandatory High Premium Payments

  • Very LOW Returns Early on Cash

  • No control over your money

Take Control, Secure Your Wealth,

and Start the Journey

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The And Asset Offers..

Uninterrupted Compounding

Typical financial investments are eroded by what we like to call the four compound killers: taxes, fees, market changes, and use of capital.

The And Asset keeps your money growing.

  • It is not affected by the four compound killers

  • This policy allows true uninterrupted, lifetime compounding to work its magic

  • Keeps you steadily building your wealth

It's a powerful asset for your finances, keeping your money safe and helping you maximize your financial future.

The And Asset Gives You..

Controlled Compounding

Not only does The And Asset offer lifetime uninterrupted compounding, it also provides you flexibility to access your capital through its built-in collateralized loan feature.

The And Asset is not just a place to store money; It's a tool for using your money however you want

  • Enjoy the benefits of life insurance combined with the liquidity and control of a high-yield savings account

  • Use your money without sacrificing the long-term advantages you get from life insurance

  • Leverage your policy for a variety of financial needs, opportunities, possibilities and emergencies

With The And Asset, you have the power to control and grow your wealth on your terms.

The And Asset Provides..

Tax Advantages

Consider the future of taxes—do you believe they will increase or decrease? If you said increase, we would agree. If you said decrease, look at the current image to the right that shows our national debt clock and ask yourself the question again...

The And Asset can be used as a hedge for

future taxes.

The And Asset can be used as a hedge for future taxes.

  • Tax-deferred growth on your investments

  • Access your funds tax-free throughout your lifetime as per section 7702(a)

  • Death benefit is paid income tax free to your estate and beneficiaries without going through probate

Similar to a Roth IRA, you do not get a deduction going into the policy, but after your capital enters the policy you never pay taxes again if utilized properly. Paying taxes at a lower rate today so you don’t have to worry about taxes being higher in the future is another reason why The And Asset is such a powerful tool.

U.S. National Debt: image taken in March, 2024. Image sourced from https://usdebtclock.org/ depicting the current state of our nation's debt. This snapshot highlights the ever-changing U.S. national debt and evolving economic climate.

The And Asset..

Gives Your Dollar More Than One Job

The And Asset isn't an investment; it's a multi-use tool for your money. Think of your phone, it does more for you than calls and texts. Overfunded whole life insurance becomes the 'cell phone' for your money.

It's not just about saving—it's about giving your money more jobs to do.

  • Secures lifetime growth for your wealth

  • Gives you control & use over your money

  • Ensures future cash flow to meet financial goals

  • Offers protection & secures your legacy by safeguarding your assets

The And Asset is not just used for one thing. It's there to help you in a number of ways and designed to maximize your financial well-being.

The And Asset Is..

Designed To Protect You

The And Asset provides protection for you and the people you love the most. While it's true that whole life insurance provides a death benefit upon your passing, your coverage can extend far beyond that.

The And Asset offers benefits while you are living.

  • Chronic illness rider and accelerated benefits

  • Offers you coverage in unexpected situations

  • If faced with a terminal illness or inability to perform daily activities in the future..

  • These built-in riders allow you to access your death benefit while still alive

This provides financial support and flexibility when you need it most, giving you peace of mind and options for all of life's uncertainties.

The And Asset Is..

The Retirement Enhancer

The And Asset can serve as an amazing retirement enhancer, offering options to secure your financial future. Recent research has shown that properly structured whole life insurance can be a better solution than bonds in diversification for retirement.

Maximize your retirement potential with

The And Asset.

  • Unique features that give you better future options for increased cash flow

  • Ensures that your retirement savings are protected

  • Access to financial strategies tailored to your retirement needs

Secure the retirement you've envisioned with The And Asset. Explore how our approach can elevate your retirement plans today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you say the And Asset is not an investment what do you mean?

The And Asset is Overfunded Whole Life Insurance. At its core; life insurance is not an investment but instead is a strong foundational asset. Therefore it shouldn't be compared to other investments as it has different inherent characteristics than an investment. The And Asset enhances all other investments in one's portfolio today and in the future.

Why is there a $10,000 initial contribution minimum on And Assets for adults? 

The And Asset is a tool that can be used for the right person to create a strong financial  foundation. It is a powerful tool when set up and used properly, but if set up and used improperly it can cause more harm than good. Therefore we believe individuals overwhelmed in bad debt that aren't able to save $10,000 per year due to overspending or cash flow issues need to focus on this first. 

From there, introducing the And Asset is appropriate. $10,000 is a rough barometer to go off of. If you are younger you have time on your side so doing less than this still gives you plenty of time to let your policy compound to grow to something significant (This applies to your kids as well*). 

If you are older you would likely want to contribute more than $10,000 as 10k per year for someone 50 and older likely won't give us the desired results we are looking for. Statistically, one will have less time than someone younger, therefore your policy has less time to compound to anything of significance to make a major impact on the desired result.

How soon can I borrow against my whole life insurance policy?

When you properly structure whole life insurance intended for cash value growth, which we are experts at, you can borrow against your policy roughly 30 days from starting your policy. In some instances it can be even sooner but this is a good number for safe expectations.

What if my health is bad? What if I am too old for an And Asset?

If you are older and or have health concerns there are options for you. Please watch this video as it gives you a more detailed response for all of those options. (watch this video)

This sounds too good to be true, why haven't I heard about this before?

Some would say if it sounds too good to be true, it is. But the reason why most have never heard of this concept is because it is not taught in formal financial education. It also isn't offered in standard jobs as a retirement plan. The banks want you to store your capital with them causing life insurance to get a bad wrap as it is misunderstood when it is designed properly for cash value growth. The banks and institutions tell us to store our money with them while simultaneously storing billions of dollars into Life insurance for multi dimensional uses. 

What is your response to Dave Ramsey on permanent life insurance?

Dave Ramsey has provided a ton of value to many families. Dave Ramsey is not for everyone just like the And Asset isn't for everyone. Dave Ramsey is trying to speak to as many people as he possibly can while still being right. Dave Ramsey is not a fan of debt and leverage therefore for most real estate investors, business owners and individuals wanting to build any significant wealth, we believe would be underserved following Dave's advice. 

With that being said we completely understand why Dave says what he says. What he does know about whole life is the typical whole life that is sold in the traditional way so we can't even say Dave is wrong. Therefore Dave and I are speaking to different audiences. He is an expert in getting people out of debt and we are the experts in setting up and properly using whole life insurance. We are for the audience who wants to build and pass down generational wealth to the people they love the most.

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