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The report changed my life!

"I always new that I needed to do something different, financially. It wasn't until I tried out the report that I realized how powerful control is."

David Howard
It's so simple yet powerful!

"Saving for the future always seemed like a complicated process; that all changed once I got my report. I now have clarity on where I'm going and have peace with my financial plan."

Dylan Ruiz
You have to try it!

"Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your benefits come into play or a product description that sets your offer apart."

Estelle Fisher
Never seen anything like it!

"Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest."

Della Reed
"The free training is one of the most impactful videos I have ever watched. Caleb eloquently goes through is process to teach you why having control of your money is the ultimate win."
Joseph Blake
“Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest. You could do this with a headline or slogan."
Rebecca West
"A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers."
David Howard
CEO - Taxbot

When I first met Caleb, I was like this guy’s so young, there’s no way he knows all of this stuff. It’s when he started talking that I was like jeez this guy knows a lot more than than I thought he did! I even put him through the ringer with some of the people that I know that are really smart and Caleb was running circles around them. It was awesome to see! I love that about him, it’s a testament to his hard work, getting into this young and really diving deep.

"He's got like a master level, black belt ninja-style understanding of how money works."

Partnering with Better Wealth - I was looking for a place to send my clients to, because I totally believe in this strategy, and it made perfect sense to send them to Caleb and his team. The way that he treats and trains his employees to give somebody the best possible experience, he’s doing it right. That’s why we decided to partner with Better Wealth because we really think it’s an awesome strategy and people need to know about it but they need somebody who can guide and lead them in the right direction.

Authors | Speakers | Entrepreneurs

My name is Ryan Taft, I’m a speaker, author, and coach. My wife, Melissa, is a life coach and speaker as well. Recently we got the chance to start working with Better Wealth Solutions, specifically with Caleb, and I’ve got to tell you if you’re sitting there on the fence deciding “do you want to work with these guys?” let me tell you, you absolutely do. They are full of integrity, they are wicked smart (I’ve never said that phrase in my life but just super smart), and very dependable. We are so excited we got a chance to start working with them and we are continuing to do so and are looking forward to it. So, if you’re on the fence, get off the fence and get to work with these guys!

Physician & Medical director

I’m a 66 year old retired physician. I have read Caleb’s book, The AND Asset.  The thoughts and principles so clearly and simply stated there make sense to me. Particularly they make sense because, I have had the privilege of having visited with Caleb while he was studying, learning, and forming the ideas which he has recently shared in this publication.

"I wish I had met someone like this young man 35 years ago."

I would have never predicted, at my age now, I would be making a major investment in a permanent life insurance policy, but I did exactly that with Caleb’s assistance and the insight he helped me realize.

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King of E-commerce

It took me eight months to become a client at Better Wealth. Why did it take me eight months? Well, maybe for the same reasons you haven’t taken action yet. I was skeptical. I thought it sounded too good to be true. It didn’t really make sense at first. The value that Caleb brings and the skills that he has are amazing. If you’re willing to think long term and save for the future it’s a no brainer to get started. It literally doesn’t make sense to not use the strategies they teach. They are amazing people with an amazing company, you should really get started with them today.

Nuclear engineer | Forensic Nurse

As scientists in the areas of nuclear engineering and forensic nursing, Better Wealth Solutions (BWS) inspired us to envision a different way of establishing and maintaining financial freedom for ourselves and for future generations. The AND Asset approach helped us to explore financial concepts counter to the “All American Playbook” discussed by other financial experts in our country related to savings, retirement accounts, and intergenerational wealth.

The personalized design of the Master Accounts, based on our own unique personalities and experiences with money throughout our lives, strengthened our ability as a couple to reach our highest potential as we continue to be our #1 asset. What makes BWS unique is their focus on transformational rather than transactional relationships with their clients. We can trust that our financial freedom for ourselves and future generations will allow our family to live the mission and purpose of our lives without financial worry. Thank you, BWS for passionately serving your clients and enabling us to serve those who are vulnerable in our world today!

Much Love,
Bill and Kelly

family from Tennessee
"We are so grateful to have crossed paths with Caleb when we did! The things we have learned are life changing and we are implementing a plan that will help our family for the future. The entire Better Wealth team is super – they are all so helpful and have a servant’s heart!  We are looking forward to continue to learn more and become more involved in this community."
CEO | Life180

I’ve never met anyone in my life that is more passionate, excited and dedicated to mastering his craft than Caleb. I go into every business relationship with a high level of skepticism. I wondered how somebody in their twenties could be that effective. Don’t let his age fool you. He’s massively in touch, massively connected and massively educated. I was shocked at the level of expertise Caleb has. Even though I hung up my licences I’m still a massive believer in life insurance and what it can do for people. I would recommend that even if you’re thinking about it, you need to get on the phone with him or someone on his team.

"Caleb is one of the few people in the world that I actually trust implicitly with his advice."
Former fox investigative journalist
"Better Wealth Solutions is a remarkable company, and I believe they are transforming the way we all think about life insurance. As former Press Secretary to John McCain and Fox News reporter, I have met and interacted with many people over the years, and I have developed a divining rod and knack for judging character and excellence. Better Wealth Solutions, and their fearless leaders Caleb and Dan, are leading a revolution. And we are all the better for it."

Podcast Reviews

Listen closely

Caleb has truly impacted my education about money over the last two years! wish i would have heard this years ago!
- Beau Crabill

thought provoking

I was blown away by the amount of wisdom, knowledge, and care that is presented in this podcast
- JDOW341

Beyond impactful

This podcast is Unbelievable! The amount of knowledge and expertise that is given is unreal. It's hard to believe its free!
- Dominic Rufran

listen to this!

Caleb interviews a bunch of all stars and produces some incredible content. Please do yourself a favor and tune in!
- TheShark6

A must follow

Excellent podcast with top notch guests speaking about life and finances in a way you aren't likely to hear elsewhere.

money and mindset

This podcast really reveals that wealth is a mentality. Caleb speaks about what matters most to his listeners.
- Jordan Gross

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Book Reviews

Truly life changing information!

"I have always considered myself somewhat of an expert on personal finance. After reading this book I realized my financial knowledge was lacking. I wish I would have had this knowledge 20 years ago!"

Shanda Miller

Don't pass up this gem

"Truly, I am grateful that this book came up in my search of other financial books and grateful that I picked it over the plethora of others. I encourage you to read this book, I'll be passing it on to my children in fact."


Truly life changing information!

"This book was just full and running over with great information. Having and using a 'Master Account' for all your major financing needs is fantastic. Get this book, read it, then apply it. It will change your future!"

Don martin

Knowledge is power

"A quick but thorough read on a process I am just learning about. The book gives you just enough to digest, educate yourself and help you make an informed decision on how to manage and maximize your money."

Raul Rodriguez

Simply a must read

"I literally want to give this to everyone I know! I feel like all of our financial decisions are looked at through this new lens. I believe this book is life changing. It's given me a lot of hope knowing my future is secure."


A framework, not just financial facts

"This book is half inspirational and half actionable education. The ability Caleb had to incorporate the behavioral aspects of finance in a book which is interesting, educational and motivating is powerful."

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University Graduates

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Ryan Taft
Author | Speaker | Coach
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Jake Randall
CEO Taxbot
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Chris Kirkpatrick
CEO Life180
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John Smith
Co-Founder of Webflow
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John Smith
Co-Founder of Webflow
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John Smith
Co-Founder of Webflow